TouchSmart 310-1126 Desktop

TouchSmart 310-1126 Desktop You can be assured that you are not lazy feel with touch technology, because you can accomplish anything at the touch of the screen. You can also tap the screen to surf the Internet, watch movies, and through pictures and what not turn around! For artists, you can simply just beautiful pictures. With HP touch technology, you can also use a number of Web apps that enhance your computer. TouchSmart 310-1126 Desktop You can enjoy some of the best of the web, like HuluTM, Netflix and Twitter. TouchSmart 310-1126 Desktop You can also add more apps from the App Center HP. This computer also has a built web-cam/microphone, wireless LAN, you can with your friends and family via Internet. A slim tray SuperMulti DVD burner, you can also DVD movies and you back up your files to help, by burning them in a rewritable DVD. A wireless keyboard helps in easy navigation and clutter-free desktop. You can do everything on my computer wirelessly, allowing you to work freely and easily.

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HP TouchSmart 310-1126 Desktop  You can use many features on this desktop, which caters to the needs of users every minute. A keyboard to a web-cam, the PC has it all. Find the perfect desktop computer for your home, or even your office. FunctionsThis computer has a 12 "screen, giving you stunning image brightness and image contrast. The resolution of 1600 x 900 (16:9 aspect ratio) and the contrast ratio of 1000:1 and brightness of the image to 250 nits. You can completely clutter-free desk, because of the devices, which is equipped with the powerful processor. The 2.90 GHz AMD Phenom II 245 Quad Core, 6GB of DDR3 SDRAM and 1000 GB 7200 rpm hard drive enables fast performance. The Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit to make this computer extremely user friendly. Of course, the outstanding feature of this computer is that the touch screen! After all, what this day is all about touch! The latest HP-touch software makes your world so much better and creative. TouchSmart 310-1126 Desktop If you are a graphic designer, this computer is ideal for you. TouchSmart 310-1126 Desktop The multi-touch technology will help you move around the screen easily and faster way.

HP TouchSmart 310-1126 Desktop

We did this today after ordering from the "lightning deal" for Black Friday. Although it looks really nice and tight, we can not help but be disappointed and try to figure out the next steps in the definition / bring back. The has been frozen for more than five times since its inception two hours ago. it's sad when the old computer we are trying to replace it with a more reliable (especially given we have nothing more than to go on facebook done! What when we try to take pictures to load?) The shipping was fast and it looks nice, so I gave two stars, but constantly freezing on the first day? Seriously?

TouchSmart 310-1126 Desktop I contacted Amazon and they quickly decided to give me a replacement. I have changed my review to 3 stars, and hopefully when the new computer as I hope I can adjust higher. The customer service rep was very helpful and he earned five stars, but I can not judge the product until I get the new higher. I will update again once it is received!

TouchSmart 310-1126 Desktop

Receive the new computer and so far no freezing! I'm glad we took the original from the box to test it for Christmas because it was a gift. I suggest that everyone buy it as gifts to do the same in case. We have a new computer for 2 days now and it works fine. TouchSmart 310-1126 Desktop Looking forward to using it now that it is not freezing or for which a restart after errors. Big thank you to Amazon for making the exchange process is very fast and easy!
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